A Gas Station Coin and My Unchanging God!

Last December I had the opportunity to speak at a Women’s Christmas Tea and the topic was “Seasons”.

Approximately 3 months prior to this event, my husband handed me the coin in the picture after I watched him picked it up from a gas station. This gem had scripture inscribed in it that I quickly recognized as a scripture I was going to be sharing at the Women’s Tea! I was so excited and really touched at how personal God was speaking to my heart. I had tears of joy!

Within this same timeframe, I was personally going through several new seasons of life that almost left me “feeling” hopeless. I had the terrible flu that was going around and was down for 3 weeks and so that just added more grey clouds to this season.

In faith, I accepted that God does not change in our seasons, no matter how bad they may seem. I prayed , I worshipped Him, I read His Word diligently and the Season is passing quicker than I even expected.

I knew that if I trusted my feelings more than the words of God, I would be hopeless. NOT gonna happen to this girl!

Seasons can overlap or explode all at the same time or go for years. But no matter the timeline of the season, God does not change. He is faithful.

Today as I reflect on the last part of 2018, I still feel the joy of the Lord in my heart that reminded me of HIM every day I would meet with HIM. There was a definite battle in my mind but God did not change. I needed to renew my mind, daily.

I cried to Him and in His unchanging, all loving kindness, God was WITH me in my season.

*He prepared me for the season.

*He gave me wisdom, His Word, and peace during the season.

*He comforted me after the season. And every time the pain comes to my heart and makes a teardrop, I know it is HIM who catches it.

* He also helped me keep my joy through each moment.

Some seasons can be rough, others delightful, but no matter what the season is , God will never change.

I inscribed the coin into my colorful Bible Journal on the page of Malachi 3:6 so that I would never loose the personal touch of God’s hand in my life.

Then, I gave the coin to my precious daughter Rachel, and told her that no matter what to always always remember this truth. NEVER let anyone convince her of anything different. Her big eyes and beautiful smile promised me.

Maybe you need a reminder this evening that no matter what you are going through, God never changes. He is reliable, He is loving, He is my anchor. There is nothing else in this world that I could ever put my faith in more than my unchanging God.

With love,


One comment

  1. With my feelings having been all
    Over the place the last several months, this was just what I needed to be reminded of; God never changes. He is always the same now and forever. Amen.


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