Christmas AWE!

I was given a Christmas gift this year that left me in awe……

Two days ago, a very special person in my life purchased a 7 day trip for my husband and I to travel to Antigua. We can go anytime in the next year to this beautiful Caribbean , all inclusive resort. I keep re-reading the beautiful words in the email that was sent with all of the details and the awe and wonder continue to fill my heart. Something amazingly different that this person hopes Sean and I will enjoy together. I am in shock and in awe of the generosity bestowed up on us and look forward to seeking out more of God’s beautiful creation.

This morning, as I sat in the book of Luke, I was struck again by the word “AWE”.

” Awe fell upon the whole neighborhood, and the news of what had happened spread throughout the Judean Hills”. Luke 1:65 NLT

” Awe gripped the people as they saw this majestic display of God’s power.” Luke 9:43 NLT

I began to soak in the word AWE and looked up the definition which is:

  1. 1. 
  2. a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.

When is the last time you were in AWE? As I asked myself that very question, I realized that I seem to be immediately in awe of things that are way bigger than myself. I also realized that even more than the trip to Antigua, which has made me speechless, that God is behind the true meaning of Awe!

” a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder”.

I use to get a little confused when it came to “fearing the Lord”, but the word AWE helps make perfect sense out of it! There is a very important word in the meaning that clarifies it. REVERENTIAL. This word seems to have left the hearts of so many, but yet is it the key to the posture we should have towards our AWESOME God!!!!!

May our sense of AWE always be directed to God and His love for us, more than any gift we receive for Christmas!

At this time if year, lets be in AWE of the gift God has given us…

The gift of HIS only Son who died for me, for you.

The gift of His grace and mercy.

The gift of HOPE in all seasons of our lives.

The gift of forgiveness.

The gift of a family of those who are also filled with awe and wonder of HIM.

The gift of Peace when we are troubled.

The gift of HIS everlasting friendship.

The gift of HIS Word, His LIVING Word.

The gift of Worship, which empowers us to stomp the evil around us.

The gift of the Holy Spirit, which is AWESOME!

And the gift of Eternal Life …

So as we celebrate the gift of our King, take time to be in AWE of HIM.

Yes, I am very excited about my Christmas present to Antigua, and you may be excited about you receive or excited to give a gift to someone special. But as we draw close to celebrating the most anticipated, the most life changing event in history, receive Jesus. Open the gifts He has for you by letting Him into your life. Surrender the past and everything in it so that He can stamp your heart and leave you in Christmas AWE!

As I re-read the email again, just to be sure this gift to Antigua really happened, I smile because I read God’s word and KNOW it is true. It has the power to leave all of us in AWE!

” Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshipping him with holy fear and awe.” Hebrews 12: 28 NLT

One last thing, keep your eyes open for the majestic display of God’s power in your life over the holidays.

It may come in a gift, or it may be a gentle sense of peace.

It could be a physical healing, or it could come as a healing to your heart.

It could be a special unexpected opportunity to bless someone by just being present.

It could even be a moment that gave you an unexpected smile that only you would know was God.

Don’t miss it!!! And then, with a reverent heart, share the majestic display of God’s power in your life with someone so that they see the hope you have.

People will notice the overwhelming JOY, WONDER, and AWE that was left in your life as a gift from God!

Stand in AWE of your Savior!

Merry Christmas!

Radiant with Christmas Joy,



  1. Such a beautiful explanation of “fear if the Lord”. That has always confounded me. How could I be in fear if an All
    Merciful God?
    May we be blanketed in awe such that all doubt and unworthiness be far from our hearts and mind.


    • Amen Suzanne! Once we recognize the beauty in the fear and awe of our Heavenly Father, it shifts our hearts towards Him in a fresh way that properly places Him as Lord over EVERYTHING! He is bigger than our fears, doubts, shame, and unworthiness and we can run to His arms with a reverence and trust that is solid!
      STAY ROOTED in His Word!


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