Sweet Connectivity


Have you ever received a message so special from someone that you felt instantly connected to them in a strange and special way?

Maybe a text, a letter, or email that just spoke to your heart in a way that you KNEW the message was specifically for you?   I remember growing up we use to pass notes in school…we would fold them up and toss them in mid air or scoot them across the floor so that the person intended to receive the note was sure to get it without getting caught!  It was not the best practice in school, but yet it was so intentional!

Yesterday I received one of those intentional messages in a way I will never forget.  It started with my morning devotion which pointed out John 15 and how we need to abide in Christ…. being connected to HIM is the most important thing to be!  There are stepping stones to help achieve this such as prayer, church, reading the Bible, small groups, and so on.. I appreciated this devotion very much, journaled about it with extra details,  and moved on with my day.  This is the actual devotion from Turning Points that I thought I would share, but it is NOT the end of the story, so keep reading below!


After reading this, I went on about my day. I usually work from home and rarely have to leave my home office, but today I was going to help the owner of the company with some things since his assistant was on vacation.   My time in the car was used as a time to pray about several issues that I needed God to guide me on.  (And of course, a safe trip) Several things that seemed too big, and most of all they were scary things that I really didn’t want to face.   I asked for God to please give me the answers that can only come from HIM.  I was looking for an absolute, definite answer and as I looked up at the traffic in front of me, this is what I saw:


I could hardly speak… the tears poured as I realized that I had just received a personal , intimate message from my Glorious Heavenly Father.  This was not a coincidence… This truck, a roofing company happened to be in front of me at the perfect time to answer my prayer….the same message HE gave me earlier that morning!   Abide in HIM!!!! Without HIM I can do NOTHING!!  Stay connected to Jesus, Kelly!   I was so thankful that God lifted the burden of needing to know all of the details, to just simply staying connected and abiding in HIm… everything else is in HIS hands!  I started to feel the joy, the radiant joy of HIS love moving powerfully in my heart all the way up to my face!   WHAT A GIFT!

What are you most connected to?   Remember, apart from Jesus we can do nothing!

LOOK for HIM and most importantly, stay connected to HIM!  He will give you the most intentional messages you will ever receive!

Radiant with Joy,


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