“So there was great joy in that city”



Wouldn’t it be great to read a news headline that said this?

The joy that is referred to in Acts 8:8 NLT is a result of Philip preaching the gospel of Jesus in Samaria.  The Bible says that the believers were scattered due to prosecution, and the crowd in Samiria where they listened intently and were eager to hear his message.  There was healing , there was hope , and there was love.

The beautiful love of Christ invaded the crowd and changed their life.  Being in the presence of the spirit of Christ.  I can only imagine that this crowd was Radiant with Joy!  (Ps 34:5).

Wouldn’t it be great to read about this in today’s world?    I believe that Billy Graham  brought this same passion about Christ to millions .  The crowds listened intently and were eager to learn about Jesus.  I’m so thankful for his life and influence on me and  my journey of faith.  It was so nice that this week the news headlines were filled with joy.

This scripture challenges me among the smaller crowds that I’m capable of reaching.

Challenged to always view people  as a son or daughter of God and love them with that kind of love.

Challenged to boldly speak the gospel every possible chance I get.

Challenged to always say yes to Gods calling.

Challenged to never give up!

Thank you Lord, for your servant Billy Graham and the beautiful example and legacy he left on our USA.

So there was great joy………




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