A Positively Radiant Face!

img_8127I was recently washing my face with a product that I have regularly used for years when I noticed the writing on my Aveeno daily wash.

” Positively Radiant , skin brightening daily scrub. Gently removes impurities for softer, brighter skin.”

It also has “5 Factors of Radiance”

Let me just pause here to assure you that as much as I love Aveeno, this blog is not about promoting skin care products that can be purchased for outer beauty! As much as I want that Aveeno to make me as radiant as the packaging promises, it will not happen unless I have inner beauty that radiates God’s love.

In the book I am currently writing I share, in depth, God’s Factors of Radiance, and there are many more than 5! These factors are far better than Aveeno!

I’ll share a few briefly right now:

1) Believing that you are loved so much by God that He gave His only Son for you, yes YOU! We will be ageless and radiant if we believe this truth and live in the freedom that the one and only Messiah has given with 100% pure love. Like Aveeno, He removes our impurities and makes us clean before God Almighty!

2) Have you ever received a love letter? I have and I remember blushing so much that the radiance from my face was very noticeable… God’s love letter is written to us in His infallible Word. The Bible. It is pure, it is true, and it is alive. Rather than hiding in shame, I have allowed God’s word to gently scrub the roughness of my heart to soften it.

3) Being in the presence of God is the best way to maintain a healthy glow.  Oh to be in the presence of the ONE who wrote this love letter!   It can happen anywhere, anytime that you reach out to Him. Not with a wish list of demands, but as a beautiful relationship where He fills us up with His love so much that we glow.  His love letter reaches into eternity!!!

Exodus 34:35 describes Moses after spending time in the presence of the Lord.. and Aveeno did not exist back then y’all!

” the Israelites would see the face of Moses, how his skin shone ( with a unique radiance). AMPNIV

Spend time with God, the One who loves you more than anybody on this earth and you will also have a unique radiance that others will notice and ask you why you have such beautiful skin! It’s a holy glow that is given to God’s children who bask in His presence.

Joyfully His,


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