Radiant with Joy

The words seemed to jump off of the page of my Bible and I soon realized it was God speaking directly to me.

These words are from Psalm 34:4-5 :

“ I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me.  He freed me from all my fears.  Those who look to Him for help will be RADIANT with JOY; no shadow of shame will darken their faces.”

I felt the tears fall from my eyes when I realized how personal this verse was to me. FEAR, SHAME, and JOY . Three words had become a theme in my life. God had a new theme for me to grasp.

I realized the depth of God’s love and the power of His transforming spirit.

HOPE was given to me in a new and personal way.  I know the shadows of shame all too well . For those of you who know me in my party days of college, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I thought partying was the definition of being free and instead found myself covered in shame.

Those shadows would stop me in my tracks and rob me of my hope of simply being a light for God.  I never thought with such a rough past that I could authentically move forward in my spiritual walk, so I went backwards, back in the shadow of shame where I seemed to belong.

Those same shadows created paralyzing fear driven by past circumstances that were out of my control.  Yes, that includes the very serious car accidents that are on my record.   5 of the 10 car accidents were totaled, and 3 of the accidents were very serious. I was driving from Cincinnati to Dayton when the worst one happened on 75 that cold December night. Mom had to go via careflight to the hospital for immediate surgery on her arm. These shadows became easy excuses for me not to be filled with Radiant Joy. I had plenty of reasons to live a life in the shelter of my shadow .

Most of all, those shadows would speak to me that I’m worthless and having nothing to offer the kingdom of God.   I believed that I wasn’t worthy enough to share my story and offer the hope that I had found. The shame of my shadows covered the very grace that God had waiting for me.

God’s truth is very alive in my heart and I will spend the rest of my days living Radiant with Joy as I have been freed from my fears and from those shadows of shame that have hovered over me for years!

Stay tuned for more as I share my journey and glorify God every step of the way… Currently I’m writing my first book called:

”Radiant with Joy” ( or perhaps Mother Love’s Treehouse!)

Either way, the title isn’t as important as the “Happily Ever After with Jesus”. It has a very happy ending for Christ Followers.

May you find hope in this beautiful scripture today, even if you may not fully grasp it.  Let His voice penetrate deeply into your heart so that you may start to see sprinkles of His love that will give you joy in the deepest sense.

Joyfully His,






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